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Birth and Postpartum Doula Services in the North-East Region of New Brunswick


Member of RITMA Association: grouping of practionners and therapists in alternative and complementary medecine

Services may be covered by extended health insurance plans

What Is A Doula ?

During pregnancy

- Reviews previous births

- Educates and prepares for the birth

- Helps  with the writing of your Birth Plan

During Labour & Delivery

- Sets up a favorable environment for labor

- Offers massages and other comfort techniques

- Suggests various positions

- Assists in negociating your preferences with the caregivers

- Reassures and encourages

- Offers support and encouragement to the partner


- Accomodates skin to skin

- Helps with BF

- Is available for In-home visits or on call

- Offers practical help and advices for life with baby

- Offers postpartum mothercare and babycare ressources

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What Is a Doula ?

A doula  is a trained and experienced professional who offers informational, physical and emotional support to an expectant woman and her partner before, during and after childbirth. Not a doctor nor a midwife, the doula does not support the mother in a medical role.

Meet Pascaline

I am originally from France but I fell in love with Canada in my twenties. I spent 10 years in Vancouver, BC and have lived in Bathurst, N.B. since 2008.


My husband and I have been married for 25 years and we have four unique and beautiful children (22, 19, 13 and 10).


Certified Doula, I hold the official certification of perinatal naturopathy delivered by Mère et Monde, Maternity Center in Montreal, QC. I am a breastfeeding advocate, holding the Step 2 Education Breastfeeding Essentials Certificate.


I am the President of the Doulas of New Brunswick a nonprofit professional organization consisting of perinatal doulas serving expectant families in New-Brunswick, Canada.

My own Birth Story took place in Vancouver, BC; Oostende, Belgium and Bathurst, N.B. They include an induction, an epidural, natural childbirths, water-births and miscarriages. I have experienced the care of midwives, doulas and doctors in different hospital settings. Each of my Birth Stories has taught me that the common thread to a positive birth experience is compassionate continuous support. I believe that pregnancy and childbirth is a normal part of family life that needs to be embraced and not feared. Every woman and couple have the right to receive unbiased, current, evidenced-based information to make their own informed decisions concerning the birth of their baby.


As a former prenatal instructor for the Victorian Order of Nurses, teaching women under the age of 25, I can relate to women and couples with different approaches to pregnancy and birth. I am dedicated to bringing non-judgmental support.  I also understand that working collaboratively with other health care providers is essential to creating a positive birth experience and that there is the need for options and flexibility in the birthing experience to provide the best outcome for both mother and child. I am committed to providing informational, emotional and physical support to women and couples and help them write their best Birth Story ever.

Meet Pascaline

Initial Consultation (Free)

This is our initial "meet and greet" time!

I will meet you and your partner in the comfort of your home or over an audio/video conference call.

We will find out what your needs are and how you envision your birth.

I will tell you how I can help you write your very own birth story as one of the best chapter of your life.

Private Prenatal Sessions

If your schedule allows it, attending the prenatal classes at the hospital will allow you to meet other expectant women and couples and get a tour of the Labour and Delivery rooms. I will answer in depth any questions that may arise after the hospital classes and as well as review the pros and cons of each procedure and give you evidence based arguments.


During our prenatal visits, we will experiment with natural comfort measures to use during the last weeks of pregnancy and during labor and birth with different tools. Prenatal visits can be arranged over audio/video conference call.

Labour and Birth Support

I provide gentle continuous care and support during labor and delivery.


My focus is on:

- Protecting your privacy and that of your couple

- Setting up a quiet, comfy environment for labor

- Accommodating communication with care providers

- Reminding you of your birth plan

- suggesting positions, massages and the use of tools to reduce discomfort

- reassurance and encouragement

- Partner implication (if desired)

Birth Story

Written account of birth


This is YOUR story. With this account, you will be able to keep and share the memories of your birth for years.

Postnatal Support

Immediate postpartum

I provide immediate postpartum support until 2 hours after birth or until your family is comfortable in the postpartum room.


My focus is on:

- Accommodating attachment

- Breastfeeding

- Supporting the mother through immediate postpartum routine if baby must go to the ICU with the father

- Reminding care providers of the importance of postpartum rest for the family

Postnatal visit at home


During the postpartum visit at home, discussions will vary depending on the needs of the parents:

- Debriefing of birth

- Baby care

- Sleep for baby, rest for parents

- Nutrition

- Breastfeeding

- Baby wearing

- Cloth diapering

- Parents intimacy

- Mother recovery

- Kegel exercises and physical activity

Postpartum practical support (anytime after birth)

To facilitate parent-infant bonding and care and decrease the incidence of postpartum depression, I offer practical support at home

- Breastfeeding and baby care support

- Meal preparation for the family

- Sibbling care

- Minor daily chores (tidying up, laundry, dishes,...)

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Non refundable deposit of $110 at the time of booking

* Possibility of payment in 2 installments (1 payment at 1st prenatal session and the rest at the last prenatal session) or e-transfer installments starting at booking date.

** $0.45 per km for out of town clients (> 20km from Bathurst)

*** 24/7 on call service starts at 38 weeks

What about dad ?

What about Dad ?


Dad Central provides resources and training to highlight the invaluable role of fathers in the lives of their children. We are a place where fatherhood matters in the healthy development of children. Facebook - Web Site



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